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          I have known Bruce Janke since 2005 and I am happy to provide this reference for him.  Bruce and I co-authored the book The Couples Contract for a Lasting Relationship (Nolo Press Occidental 2006).  Mr. Janke’s work included researching the laws concerning unmarried cohabitants for all 50 states and setting them out in a concise and easy to understand appendix.  He also wrote sections of the book, including those dealing with express and implied contracts.  His experience in family and contract law was invaluable.

– Ed Sherman
Attorney at Law


                Bruce Janke has been writing and opposing motions for me since August 2007.  To date, we haven’t lost one yet.  Mr. Janke has demonstrated an extensive knowledge in all phases of civil litigation as well as a clear, concise, and persuasive writing style.  I recommend him highly.

– Carver Clark Farrow, II
Attorney at Law


                I’ve known Bruce Janke since he and I shared office space beginning in 1980.  More recently, I have retained Bruce to write a respondent's brief in an appeal to the Sixth District Court of Appeal in which we prevailed.  Mr. Janke also successfully handled an appeal for my associate.   I highly recommend Bruce Janke for all types of appeals, motions, and similarly projects.  He has excellent skills and knowledge to complete these tasks successfully.

– John J. Trifilo
Attorney at Law


                I have known Bruce Janke since he worked for me as a law clerk while he was still in law school.  Since then he and I have shared office space for several years during which he regularly helped me with my civil litigation practice.  I recently retained Mr. Janke to do research on a complicated easement issue.  His work has always been of the highest quality and I recommend him highly.

– Joseph C. Melino
Attorney at Law



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